Kitchen Appliance Repairs

We are pleased to offer kitchen appliance repairs, such as stove repairs, refrigerators & oven repairs in Surrey, Langley and Delta. A good amount of time is spent in the kitchen. Between preparing dinner, searching through the refrigerator for snacks and loading the dishwasher, if one of our kitchen appliances stops working it affects our daily routines. This is why Eco Friendly Appliance Repair offers a kitchen appliance repairs service, so your appliances can be fully functioning and always ready when you need them.

Our kitchen appliance repairs include oven repairs, stove repairs, refrigerators & freezers, dishwashers, microwaves and garburator repairs. Both gas appliances and electric appliances can be repaired and serviced by our technicians. Additionally, we service stove hood fans to ensure you always have good ventilation.

Don’t get caught with an oven that won’t get hot, a refrigerator that won’t keep food cold or a dishwasher that clogs and leaks or has poor cleaning performance. We will have your kitchen appliances working properly in no time. Eco Friendly Appliance Repair is your go-to company for kitchen appliance repairs in the Surrey, Langley and Delta area. Call us today at (778) 710-1538.